Threat to Online Gambling

UK Online Gambling Threat

Some MP’s and general do gooders on twitter have been calling for stake limits for online gambling to be dramatically reduced. This is try to lower the chances of people losing more money than they can afford whilst confined to the house.

There has been a surge in people playing online poker and casino games since the country has gone into lock-down because of the Coronavirus.

Some figures I’ve seen for online poker have seen some operators getting a 120% uplift in money for online poker tournaments and cash games also up by 100%.

London Loves Business

The website London Loves Business has just posted up an article with the title “Is online gambling going to be banned in the UK?”

There is little point reading the whole article as the first line under the title answers the question for you. “The risk of online gambling being banned in the United Kingdom is slim to none”.

What made me laugh was the last line of the article where they clearly haven’t proof read it.

London Loves Article

If you wish to read the article you can see it here. (They may have edited the mistake by the time you read it)

Featured Image on this post: Credit London Loves.